A Hunger for Veganism, Vegetarianism,
and Spicing Up the Catering Industry

Introducing Tony Bains

As a British-born baptised Sikh, Tony understands the importance of balancing a Western upbringing alongside valued cultural customs.

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and full of new ideas, Tony manages the “vegan” and “pure vegetarian” arm of Spice Nation; as there’s no better industry professional to fit the part.

With Tony, your peace of mind and satisfaction is guaranteed. He understands the growing market of veganism/ vegetarianism, as well as how to solve the common challenges associated with it.


And if You’re Looking for More

As well as Tony’s new ideas and catering know-how, Spice Nation’s Birmingham based sweet shop, London Sweet Centre proves that we know our industry, to an absolute T.

London Sweet Shop has been delighting our loyal customers for over ten years, with a range of delicious Indian sweets, all of which are pure vegetarian.So, whilst you’re busy planning that all-important big event, you can also rest assured that your catering will be left in the most experienced and capable hands.